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Do you find it challenging to build friendships with other men?


Social media, metaverses, and mobile devices have made the world a lonelier place—the exact opposite of our expectations from technology. You’d think these gizmos would bring men together, but it seems men are struggling these days, especially when it comes to building meaningful relationships. 


Men need support and advice related to building their relationships, succeeding in marriage, raising children, managing their work environment and careers, and finding purpose and meaning in friends, family, and work. They need adventure in their lives and individuals to share in the stories. Men need mentors to guide them and pupils in whom they may invest their knowledge and time. But who will guide them into meaningful relationships? 


In Ancient Friendship for Modern Men Don Owens shares his journey of friendship with other men—a journey of discovering brotherhood, losing friends, and rediscovering brotherhood again through living with intentionality. Don learned from the Bible, from mentors—and from the ancients. He says, “The noise of the modern age is so loud and the visual and audio inputs so numerous it is hard to hear the teachings of the ancients. If we will read and reflect on the lives and wisdom of those in the past, we will find them much like us and with answers to our burning questions.” 


Don’s hope is that as you read through these pages, you will choose to join him in the pursuit of others and build your own intentional approach to offering friendship to those you encounter. His other goal is for you to discover the gifts of ancient political leaders, philosophers, religious leaders, and poets and want to pursue their works, which have so much meaning for modern living. 

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